A wake up call

Are we tired to hear about climate change? Is our demand of newsletter articles that paint future utter black saturated? Would we prefer to live this rather comfortable life without thinking too much about the future?

Let’s give ourselves a major wake up call: There will be no future we could possibly imagine, if we go on like this. There will be 140 million refugees due to climate change in 2050. All the upheavals, wars and crimes we experience these days will be minor in confrontation to the consequences of such a mass migration. The last time the earth heated up by five degrees, in the age of Permian-Trias, 90% of all living beings in the sea vanished and 70% of those on land. Climate change is a Change – with an unpredictable and irreversible outcome! (Source: SueddeutscheZeitung)
Are we sincere in our efforts to make a difference? Do we blame politicians, enterprises or the lobbyists? Yes, outer change has to happen! Skillful ways and means to preserve resources have to be found with great urgency. But, and this is a big but, we have to look into the inner as well. What am I doing to make change happen on a personal level? What about minimizing meat consumption, using public transport, renunciating extended travel by plain? And if you are not convinced by these methods, find some that you think will make a difference!

We should not worry about the actual amount of impact we can make – result driven thinking will lead us into a phlegm. And a phlegm will not prevent the catastrophe we are sliding into! Let the inspiration be to embody the change we would wish and pray for to see in the world. Let’s come together and share and inspire each other without dogmas and narrow mindedness, but in shared concern for this beautiful nature that surrounds us and all living beings dependent on it!

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