A Balanced Investigation

Training the quality of wisdom is of utmost importance on our way to gain freedom from stress and discontentment. Wisdom is the capacity to see the Four Noble Truths at work, to be able to apply them and thus experience release and eradication of the hurtful thought and habit patterns, as well as freedom of views, opinions and assumptions that tend to blind us.

To turn towards and shed light on our anger, greed, conceit and other destructive patterns, is often unpleasant though necessary. To see them as clearly as possible will help us to see how they arise, what they are based on and how they can be abandoned.

But caution! This clear seeing and investigating contains the possibility to become a more and more intellectual process. How easy it is to forget, that this practice has to come from a kind heart…

Easily one is overwhelmed by the monkey-mind and all its movements. Confusion settles in various layers and clarity and wisdom seem to be miles away. And how humbling can it be to see our intuitive reactions of greed, anger and delusion over and over again! Feelings of stagnation and frustration can become regular visitors. When we do not pay careful attention, this practice can be dis-heartening.

Therefore a clear seeing has to go hand in hand with a sense of kindness and friendship. What happens in our mind is what untrained human mind does: Not „my failure“, „my greed“, „my hopeless monkey mind“ – just untrained mind, doing its thing until we are able to train it to function in a more helpful, more skillful, more loving way.

Can we balance the hard work we do when we develop the beautiful quality of wisdom, with appreciation and acceptance?

Can we appreciate the fearlessness and courage we are bringing to the table, again and again? An appreciation for the effort and energy we are evoking to do our practice and the willingness to confront even the mud pits and the darker corners?

Can we balance it with the recollection and gratitude for the small and big insights and understandings we already experienced, the virtue and love we already offered to the world?

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